January 3, 2024 – In a strategic move to ensure a smooth transition period and maintain operational efficiency, the National Electrification Administration (NEA) has officially appointed Engr. Jovel Ubay-ubay, a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE), as the Acting General Manager for the Misamis Oriental I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MORESCO-1).

Engineer Ubay-Ubay recently retired from a 38- years of sterling performance as Engineering Manager to General Manager. He held the GM-ship for almost five years in this premier electric cooperative in the country.

The decision comes amid the ongoing process of selecting a new permanent general manager for MORESCO-1. Engr. Ubay-ubay’s appointment is seen as a crucial step to provide stability and leadership during this transitional phase.

Engr. Jovel Ubay-ubay brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, having demonstrated outstanding performance in the field of electrical engineering. His background and qualifications position him as a capable leader overseeing the daily operations of MORESCO-1, ensuring that the cooperative continues to provide reliable and efficient electric services to its members.

In attendance, NEA Deputy Administrator for EC Management Services, Atty. Omar M. Mayo mentioned that NEA expressed confidence in Engr. Ubay-ubay’s ability to navigate the challenges faced by MORESCO-1 and maintain a high standard of service delivery. The appointment is expected to facilitate a seamless transition until a permanent general manager is selected through a rigorous and transparent process.

The NEA encourages the cooperative’s employees and stakeholders to extend their full cooperation and support to Engr. Jovel Ubay-ubay during his tenure as Acting General Manager. This collaborative effort is essential to uphold the cooperative’s commitment to providing quality electric services to its members.

The process of selecting a new general manager will be conducted diligently, taking into account the qualifications and leadership qualities required for the role. The NEA reassures the members-consumers-owners (MCOs) of MORESCO-1 that the selection process will be fair, transparent, and by the electric cooperative’s bylaws.

Engr. Jovel Ubay-ubay’s temporary appointment as Acting General Manager marks a significant step in ensuring the continued success and stability of MORESCO-1 during this period of transition. The NEA remains committed to supporting the cooperative in its mission to provide reliable and affordable electric services to the community. (Archibald G. Pacana, Corporate Public Relations Officer)