A back-to-back outreach engagements were rolled out by MORESCO-1 El Salvador Community Development Officer (CDO) Ritchie A. Veluz on October 4 to start his month’s activities for El Salvador.

On Monday, October 4, CDO Ritchie attended the Barangay Council Sessions of Barangays Taytay and Amoros respectively. Included in his folio of information are as follows: (1) Update of the power rate of the electric coop; (2) HEART FUND – a program providing funeral cash assistance to MCOs; (3) RA7832 – the law penalizing pilferage of electricity and theft of electric power transmission lines and materials by rationalizing system losses by phasing out pilferage losses; (4) RA11361 – physical obstructions that impedes conveyance of electricity from generation, transmission and distribution lines to end users must be cleared to provide uninterrupted delivery of electricity; (5) and other matters pertaining to advocacy engagements of MORESCO-1. #CDO #communitydevelopment #moresco1 #energizingdevelopment #empoweringlives #stayconnected #outreach #BrgyTaytayES #BrgyAmorosES #RA7832 #RA11361 #HeartFund