A succession of outreach engagements were carried out by MORESCO-1 Initao Community Development Officer (CDO) Engr. Kevin B. Cabillon last week October 1-2 to start his month’s activities.

On Friday, October 1, CDO Kevin first convened the Member-Consumer-Owners meeting in Barangay Sinalac, Initao thru the assistance of Barangay Captain Hon. Mila Ubanan. The Council met and discussed regarding MFDL or Modified Financial Downloading, a flagship program of MORESCO-1’s CDOs who work towards bridging the gap of the coop and the MCOs. Also discussed in the meeting were the virtual assembly with selected MORESCO-1 officials, assistance thru livelihood programs and matters pertaining to advocacy engagements.

On Saturday, October 2, CDO Kevin elaborated the same agenda in a meeting he assembled with the MCOs in Barangay Oquis of the same district with the assistance of Brgy. Kagawad Diego Waslo.Despite the threat of the pandemic hovering their heads, several MCOs have already accepted the challenge of operating this program in their respective barangays.

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