To enlighten and stabilize delivery of the Modified Financial Downloading program in Barangay Tuod, Manticao Community Development Officer (CDO) Alberto V. Cohayco and MORESCO-1 MMEC Mr. Doods Gumanid attended a post-Council Session engagement purposely called to answer queries on the said program. This was held in Barangay Hall of Tuod in Manticao District.

The attendees were a mixed group of barangay leaders, member-consumer owners (MCOs), purok leaders and elderly group of residents in the area, keen on listening to advices and suggestions how to stabilize the application of the program in their jurisdiction.

It was recalled that the MFDL or Modified Financial Downloading is a flagship program of MORESCO-1’s CDOs who work towards bridging the gap of the coop and the MCOs. Despite the threat of the pandemic, several MCOs have already accepted the challenge of operating their own programs in their barangays.

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