The Pioneer Electric Cooperative of the Philippines, MORESCO-1 and the Joint Masonic Districts of RX-A & RX-B, Maximo B. Ratunil Masonic Lodge UD with VW Rael V. Yap and WB Josan A. Gonzaga  in coordination with Congressman Atty Lordan Suan and MORESCO-1 District 11 (Talakag and CDO) Board of Director Bryan Lucky Z. Noble rolled out the “Let There Be Light” – Energization and Gift Giving Ceremony on Friday, December 30, 2022 at Tignapoloan, Cagayan de Oro City.

Also in the ceremony were MSEAC, Barangay officials and residents and MORESCO-1’s Talakag Service Area Manager Engr. Reniel Cabantac.

On 21 September 2011, the Sitio Electrification program (SEP) aimed at improving the lives of the poor Filipinos started. 

This program is hoped to carry out economic boost which would lead to job generation and bring in investments to the rural areas.

 With a target of lighting up the sitios in the entire country, the residents shall have the house wiring cost, labor cost, meter base, 30-meter service drop and all the structural materials to be installed at no cost. The only obligation on their part is to pay membership fee, Bill Deposit equivalent to 1month estimated consumption and other incidental expenses for membership and to secure the Building Permit at the Building Official Office prior to connection.

 This also brings immediate challenge to the NEA and the electric cooperatives, a test of unity, dedication, competence and excellence.

Driven by a passion to carry on its rural electrification mission, MORESCO-1 committed to energize 90 sitios on the launching year of the program.

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