MORESCO-1 joins the National Electrification Administration – Electric Cooperatives (NEA-EC) simultaneous tree planting and line clearing activity in celebration of the 14th National Electrification Awareness Month (NEAM) and the 54th Anniversary of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) on August 24, 2023.

The activity was successfully conducted simultaneously at the districts of Opol, Manticao, Alubijid, Initao, Libertad and Talakag in Bukidnon, with the respective Community Development Officers – Palmero Ebonia, Maria Khem Coleman, Ricky Coles, Alberto V. Cohayco, Jovanne Yangyang and Marlene Pajaron together with active Member -consumer-owners (MCOs), MCO Councils, MORESCO-1’s CSR arm William T. Crisp Foundation, and different org in these barangays where about various seedlings of various trees,  were planted.

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