MCO federated leaders from different Districts gather at The MORESCO-1 Bard Room today, March 21, 2023 to be briefed on the latest development of the Heart Fund program among others.

The unwavering commitment of MORESCO-1 in extending support beyond the service of electricity to its Member-Consumer-Owners capitulates MORESCO-1 every year.

In 2021 it shelled out Php 1,558,000.00 to 734 beneficiaries of the Heart Fund Program. Though MORESCO-1 operates as a non-stock, not-profit electric cooperative it manages to continuously squeeze its resources and find ways on how to extend assistance during the inevitable death of its member even in the second year and into the third year of the pandemic.

The MCO Heart Fund Association Policy was adopted pursuant to the resolution passed by the general membership during the conduct of the virtual sequential district and franchise-wide assembly in 2021 and presented again in AGMA 2022.

Member Customer Development Chief Rio Vallejo, aside from the Comprehensive continuing discussion of the MCO Heart Fund Policy also rolled out orientation for the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Heart Fund and setting the BOT election.

The constant petitions of the members in every opportunity where they can voice-out their opinions to cover not just the less fortunate senior citizens but instead all members of the coop prompted the Board and Management to revisit the program.

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