In partnership with BDO Unibank, Inc., we officially launch our MORESCO-1 and BDO Payment Centers Engagement. BDO already conducted all necessary preparations including user acceptance tests and reports protocols. BDO have already started soft opening since August 27, 2021 as test period for those customers who were aware of the services.

BDO will receive payment from the following channels that were successfully enabled to further augment existing collection process.

1. Over-The-Counter (OTC)

2. Personal Online Banking (POB)

3. Business Online Banking

4. Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

Settle your bills anytime, anywhere through these BDO payment channels:

⚫️ ONLINE BANKING BILLS PAYMENT | Log in to your BDO Online Banking account at

 Click Enrollment > Company / Biller (MORESCO-1) > Enroll

 Fill out the Enrollment Details and click Submit

 Once enrolled, go to Pay Bills and Reload > Bills Payment > Pay Bills

 Fill out Payment Details and click Submit

NOTE: Enrolling your Biller via Online Banking Bills Payment allows you to pay your bills thru any BDO ATM nationwide.

⚫️ MOBILE BANKING BILLS PAYMENT | Log in to your BDO Mobile Banking app via your smartphone or tablet

 Click Enrollment Services > Enroll Company / Biller (MORESCO-1)

 Fill out the Enrollment Details

 Once enrolled, go to Pay Bills > Enrolled Billers

 Fill out Payment Details and click Continue


 Select the Bills Payment button

 Select the type of account that will be used to pay

 For Enrolled Bills Payment, select Enrolled Accounts

 Enter the amount to be paid > Enter the 6-digit PIN and Confirm

⚫️ OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC) Deposit Payment at any BDO Branch

 Get a copy of BDO Transaction Slip

 Fill out the necessary details:

o Company Name: MORESCO-1

o Institution / Client Code: 1627

o Subscriber’s 12-Digit Account Number

o Subscriber’s Name: (First name + Last name)

 Give the filled-out BDO Transaction Slip to the teller.