1. What is the Lifeline Rate?

The Lifeline Rate refers to the subsidized rate given to qualified low-income electricity utility customers who are financially unable to pay their electricity bills at full cost, as defined under Section 4 of Republic Act 9136 or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA).

The Lifeline Rate is a socialized pricing mechanism in the form of percentage discount levels that were set by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

For any inquiries in relation to the implementation of Republic Act. No. 11552 and its implementing Rules and Regulations, please call the ERC Lifeline Program DAVAO CITY  Hotline Number at (63) 956 305-3313.

2. Why was the Lifeline Rate amended?

The Lifeline Rate was amended under Republic Act 11552[1] in order to enhance the definition of the kind of customers who can avail of the Lifeline Rate. The purpose is to ensure a fair and equitable implementation of the lifeline subsidy among qualified marginalized electricity end-users. The Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 11552 were promulgated through a Joint Resolution [2] signed by DOE, ERC and DSWD.

[1]An Act Extending and Enhancing the Implementation of Lifeline Rate, Amending for the Purpose, Section 73 of Republic Act No. 9136 (EPIRA)
[2]Joint Resolution No. 1 Series of 2022 on Implementing Rules and Regulations signed by ERC, DOE, and DSWD for Republic Act 11552, signed on October 28, 2022

3. How much is the Lifeline Rate for MORESCO-1  member-consumer-owners?

The ERC set a maximum monthly electricity consumption or the Lifeline Consumption Threshold for qualified member-consumer-owners of electric cooperatives nationwide. Right from the start of the Lifeline Subsidy Program implementation, MORESCO-1’s Lifeline Consumption Threshold to receive the Lifeline Rate is peg at 35 kWh per month. This may still change subject to ERC guidelines.

The Lifeline Discount Rate or percentage discount is applied to the sum of generation, transmission, system loss, distribution, supply, and metering charges, and other charges as may be approved by the ERC, for the month.

4. Who are now qualified for the Lifeline Rate?

Customers who meet any of the following criteria may apply for the lifeline rate:

a. Beneficiaries of the “4Ps Act” (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program) under Republic Act No. 11310, or

b. Customers considered to be living below the poverty threshold set by the PSA

Only one (1) MORESCO-1 service per qualified household can be granted a lifeline rate. In case there are more than 1 beneficiary who applied for the lifeline rate from the same household (same service account), only one application will be granted with the lifeline rate while the remaining application/s will be disapproved.

The Lifeline Rate will only be applied if the kWh consumption for the month is within the lifeline consumption threshold of 35kWh and below. This lifeline consumption threshold may still change subject to ERC guidelines.

4.a Will I automatically receive Lifeline Rate if I am qualified?

No. Under the most recent rules, qualified customers for the Lifeline Rate must first apply with MORESCO-1 and submit all the necessary requirements. Only customers with validated applications

5. How do I apply for Lifeline Rate?

Under the most recent rules, a customer must either be a 4Ps beneficiary or a customer living below the poverty threshold set by the PSA.

If customer is a 4Ps Beneficiary, the following must be met / submitted to any MORESCO-1 Service Area thru the Customer Welfare Desks:

i. Included in the DSWD’s Certified List of 4Ps Beneficiaries provided by ERC*

ii. Duly accomplished Lifeline Rate Application form

iii. Most recent MORESCO-1 bill*

iv. 4Ps ID**

*The barangay indicated in the MORESCO-1 bill must be the same as the one in DSWD’s Certified List of 4Ps Beneficiaries

**If 4Ps ID is lost/unavailable, other government-issued ID may be provided

If customer is living below the poverty threshold set by the PSA (Non-4Ps Beneficiary), the following must be submitted to any MORESCO-1 Service Area | Customer Welfare Officer:

i. A Certification from the local Social Welfare and Development Office (SWDO) issued within the last six (6) months showing that his or her family income is below the poverty threshold set by the PSA and applicable at the time of his or her application*

ii. Duly accomplished Lifeline Rate Application form

iii. Most recent MORESCO-1 bill*

iv. Any valid government-issued ID containing the address of the registered customer and his or her signature

*The address indicated in the MORESCO-1 bill must be the same as the one in SWDO Certificate. If addresses do not match, these will be subject to further verification by MORESCO-1.

See below for accepted IDs:

  • Police Clearance
  • Postal ID
  • Professional Regulatory Commission License (PRC) ID
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Social Security System (ID)
  • Tax Identification (TIN) ID
  • Unified Multipurpose ID
  • Phil ID

6. Can I apply for Lifeline Rate thru a representative?

Yes, application thru a representative is allowed. The following requirements should be prepared and submitted along with the requirements mentioned earlier.

i. Signed Letter of Authorization, whether typewritten or handwritten, including the reason for the representation

ii. Valid government-issued ID of both the representative and the represented, with signature


 7. What is the Validity Period of the Lifeline Rate?

For 4Ps Beneficiaries,

  • The validity of Lifeline Rate is based on the annual certified list of 4Ps beneficiaries provided by DSWD. A qualified customer is eligible to receive the Lifeline Rate if he/she remains on the updated list.
  • If delisted, the customer may opt to apply for a local SWDO certification if he/she is living below the poverty line and reapply for Lifeline Rate. The grant will be discontinued no later than two billing cycles from MORESCO-1’s receipt of delisted 4Ps beneficiaries.

For Non-4Ps Beneficiaries,

  • The validity of Lifeline Rate is three (3) years from the date issuance of Certification by local SWDO.
  • MORESCO-1 may conduct a validation to ensure that the customer remains eligible for the Lifeline Rate.

8. What happens if my consumption for the month exceeds the current 35kWh limit set by ERC for MORESCO-1?

If you have been approved for the lifeline rate but exceeded the current consumption limit of 35 kWh set by ERC, your bill for that month will not be provided a discount under the Lifeline Rate and you will not be billed with the lifeline subsidy rate. But if your next billing is at 35 kWh or below, you will continue to enjoy the lifeline rate for that particular month.

The current 35 kWh threshold set for MORESCO-1 LIFELINERS may change subject to ERC guidelines.

9. Where can I see the discount on my MORESCO-1 bill?

The amount of discount due to lifeline rate can be seen under Subsidies category. You may refer to the highlighted section of the image below:

On previous Lifeline Rate Eligibility

1. Who are no longer qualified for a Lifeline Rate?

Under the most recent rules, the following are NOT qualified to apply for Lifeline Rate:

  • Customers residing in condominiums or subdivision projects (excluding projects and programs of the government, certified by the LGU or relevant authorities)
  • Customers who availed net-metering[3]    services (except those deemed qualified under Section 15 of Net Metering Rules [4]    
  • Customers whose consumption is below 35 kWh BUT are neither 4Ps beneficiaries nor living below the poverty line
  • Customers in violation of Republic Act No, 7832 or Anti-electricity and Electric Transmission Lines/Materials Pilferage Act of 1994[5]    

[3]    Net metering refers to a two-way system wherein a customer is charged his energy consumption but also generates energy that can be imported back to the distribution utility company and is credited for overall contribution

[4]     States that customers who availed Net Metering services are still be qualified for the lifeline rate if: a) the actual consumption is under 35kWh before Net Metering, and b) electricity imported back to the distribution utility company falls under their lifeline program threshold

[5]     An act penalizing illegal use of electricity and theft of electric transmission lines/materials

2. Will I continue to enjoy the lifeline rate without applying for it?

No. If you are a qualified MORESCO-1 customer (member-consumer-owner), you can only continue to receive the Lifeline Rate after applying and submitting the requirements to any MORESCO-1 Service Area Office | CWO. This will still undergo the validation process.

On Service Account Ownership and 4Ps:

1. What will be the process if I transfer residence?

Those who wish to transfer residence will need to secure a Certificate of Un-tagging that will be issued by any MORESCO-1 Service Area Office. This Certificate of Un-tagging will be required by the local SWDO in issuing a new Certificate. This is also applicable to 4Ps beneficiaries.

Once the customer secured the re-issued Certificate from the local SWDO reflecting the new address, he/she should go to the DU serving the new address to enroll for the lifeline rate.

2. How can I apply for a lifeline rate as a renter if our electric bill is under the landlord?

There will be an additional requirement on the application if the service is under a different name. The following should be submitted as proof of residence:

  • Lease of contract
  • Government issued ID or Barangay Certificate

3. How can I become a 4Ps beneficiary?

A customer can be a 4Ps beneficiary if he/she is eligible and applies for the 4Ps.

Selection of qualified households for the 4Ps Program is done through the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR) aka Listahan[4]. Usually, the DSWD goes directly to qualified households, and asks to provide their personal information and submit documentary requirements to become 4Ps members.

To remain in the program, members must comply with conditions such as health checkups and school attendance for children depending on age and attendance at Family Development Sessions.

[4]NHTS-PR or Listahan is used to identify who and where the poor are in the country. Targeting is based on the estimated income of families compared to the poverty threshold per province. This estimated income is based on family composition, education, and access to basic services.

4. I am the 4Ps beneficiary applying for lifeline rate but our electric bill is named under a different family member. Am I eligible for a lifeline rate?

Yes, as long as you comply with all the eligibility requirements and your application has been validated by MORESCO-1.

On Lifeline Rate and other Applications in MORESCO-1

1. Can I apply for the senior citizen discount together with Lifeline Rate?

Yes. A customer may apply for both Lifeline Rate and Senior Citizen discount simultaneously provided requirements for both were submitted.

2. I am already enjoying Senior Citizen discount but I am also a qualified marginalized end-user. Can I also avail of the lifeline rate?

Yes, you can apply for the lifeline rate.

3. I am about to apply for a new electric service, and I don’t have any service contract with MORESCO-1. Can I apply for lifeline rate along with it?

Yes, you may apply for the Lifeline Rate together with the Application for a new electric service.