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Deadline of Submission: FEBRUARY 7, 2022


To provide the Management a tool or study to ensure security of power either favorable terms under bilateral contract with IPP’s, participation in the ILP, trade in the market (IMEM, WESM or open access) at an efficient operation providing reasonable and competitive rates to the consumers with other distribution utilities or power supplier come open access.


• Supervises energy procurement and marketing efforts especially in the WESM environment; and manages bilateral contracts to optimize energy purchases and sales.

• Ensures that recoverable cost is considered and prudently recovered pursuant to the guidelines set by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

• Ensures power availability through security of power supply for the Coop requirement:

o Bilateral contracts


o Modular gen sets/Embedded generator

o Market (WESM, RES, open access)

o Maintain directory of suppliers

• Conducts study on the rates for the member-consumer at a reasonable cost for the Cooperative’s financial viability.

• Efficient marketing activities during the WESM and open access period.

• Assesses periodic transactions as well as sales performance and lays-out plans and strategies for succeeding procurement and marketing activities.

• Conducts continuous monthly monitoring and evaluation of the non-power cost and recommends the recovery of the revenue requirement through rates implementation and/or requires ERC approval, as applicable.

• Recommends the formulation and calculation of rate making for the CAPEX Planning and OPEX Planning.

• Undertakes continuous evaluation of the coop’s performance as regards bilateral contracts to achieve minimum cost of generation through competitive bidding and recommends wholesale contracting (Bilateral Contract) and purchase in the market (WESM).

• Coordinates with the Engineering Services Department and the Power Supply Technical working Group for the Long Term Forecast for Power Supply Contract, Load Modelling, Optimal Power Supply Mix, Price Structures and Power Supply Procurement.


• Registered Electrical Engineer

• With 4-years related experience

• Preferably with background on electric power industry.

• Possesses basic knowledge in the methodology of projections and forecasting

• Resident within the franchise area


• Highly analytical and excellent in decision making

• Excellent negotiation skills

• Proficient in written and oral communication skills and adept in business correspondence

• Shares the vision and mission of the cooperative, and demonstrates behavior consistent with the cooperatives core values.

Deadline of Submission: FEBRUARY 7, 2022

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Only qualified applicants will be shortlisted.