There is an overall increase of rate for about Php0.6491 for the residential customers.

Which is brought by the increase in variable cost in all IPP suppliers due to fuel (coal and diesel) rate increase. A full Implementation of RSEC-WR, Implementation of (Over)/Under Application per ERC Case No. 2013-017CF, ERC Case No. 2016-024CF and ERC Case No. 2019-006CF is still on going, except for Other Generation Adjustment (OGA) & Reinstated Prompt Payment Discount (RPPD) which has been fully collected and Other Transmission Cost Adjustment (OTCA) which has been fully refunded already. Also, the recovery of passed on taxes for year 2022 is already implemented. An increase in rates for about Php0.6491/kWh for residential customers which is brought about by:

  1. Generation Rate by Php0.3909/kWh
  2. System Loss Rate by Php0.1021/kWh

Though there is a decrease in:

  1. Transmission Rate by Php0.0509/kWh

Resulting to our effective residential rate of Php15.5793/kWh

On the other hand, Low Voltage has an overall increase of 0.5371 with effective rate of Php14.5676/kWh while High Voltage has an overall increase of 0.6648 with effective rate of Php13.9622/kWh.