Taking into account, the current energy landscape; providing updates to its high and low voltage consumers (HV/LV) and the local government units within our franchise area, MORESCO-1 will schedule its Big Loads Forum on Tuesday, November 29, after a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The forum which was originally scheduled on November 10, and was postponed to the new date , will also present the Power Supply Outlook, Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA), a look into the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM), Net Metering, Green Energy Option Program (GEOP) and the electric cooperative’s future proofing plans.

The speakers of the Forum comes from the pool of core experts of MORESCO-1 namely, Engr. Collen B. Tarcelo, Engineering Services Department Manager; Engr. Joni Jane F. Cabantac, Corporate Planning Department Manager; and Engr. Jovel B. Ubay-Ubay, MORESCO-1’s General Manager.

There will also be a recognition to our partner HV and LV consumers for their valuable support to MORESCO-1 and consistently establishing strong service provider – power consumer relationship with the EC and for those LGUs that upholds the true spirit of collaboration, reflective of its major role in local governance, drawing strength and focus from quality local legislation in their respective communities.

The Forum is spearheaded by the Institutional Services Department (ISD) thru the Member Customer Development Chief and the Corporate Public Relations Office.