The introduction of “missionary” rural electrification had indeed transformed Christmas celebrations in rural areas of the Philippines. Access to electricity brings about numerous positive changes, enhancing the festive season and overall quality of life for member-consumer-owners (MCOs) of electric cooperatives.

Decorations and Lights. With electricity, communities now adorn their homes and streets with festive lights and decorations, and created a vibrant and joyous atmosphere every Christmas season.

Community Gatherings. Electricity enabled the organization of community events, Christmas parties, and gatherings. It provided the power needed for sound systems, music, and entertainment, allowed residents to come together and celebrate as a community.

Improved Livelihoods. Access to electricity supported local businesses, allowed them to operate more efficiently. This positively impacted the economic situation in rural areas, and provided residents with better opportunities and resources to enjoy the holiday season.

Communication and Connectivity. Electricity facilitated communication, by allowing families in rural areas to connect with loved ones during the holidays, whether through phone calls or virtual means. This helped strengthen bonds and brought people closer, even if they are physically distant, especially during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Enhanced Safety and Security: Now, well-lit streets and homes contribute to a safer environment during the holiday season. Electricity enables the use of lighting for both decorative and security purposes, creating a more secure and welcoming atmosphere.

Access to Information and Entertainment. Electricity provided access to information and entertainment through television, radio, and other electronic devices. This allowed residents in rural areas to stay informed about holiday events, enjoy festive programs, and participate in the global celebration of Christmas.

The introduction of MORESCO-1 this part of the country, has significantly improved the Christmas experience for Filipinos and tourists alike. It has not only brought about practical benefits but has also contributed to the overall joy and festivity of the holiday season.

Gikan kanamo sa MORESCO-1, Malipayong Pasko ug Bulahang Bag-ong Tuig kanatong tanan.