This video was taken this morning after our emergency advisory of a temporary power service cut-off due to increasing level of water after a long, heavy rain last night.

Our linemen Marlon Fabricante and Eldon Ilubia in the area around Zone 4 in Igpit, Opol tread still rising waters to restore primary lines and isolation of secondary line around 9:30AM today October 28.

This is not to romanticize the power cut-off and their swift response but to show how our linemen respond to emergency situations like these being our frontliners. We respect them just that.

Linemen play a crucial role in delivering safe, reliable and affordable electricity that powers our lives. From dawn until dusk, on weekends and holidays, in good weather and in bad, these professionals are away from their families, riding around in bucket trucks, climbing wooden poles and working tirelessly to keep the lights on.

Life on the line is more than just a job; it’s a brotherhood, a sisterhood – a mission. Linemen everywhere serve an important purpose, which is to install and maintain the high-voltage transmission and distribution lines that transport electricity from utility-operated power plants to your home and place of business – good weather and bad.

Thank you for walking the line our WARRIORS OF LIGHT. #moresco1 #energizingdevelopment #empoweringlives #stayconnected #linemenmatters #warriorsoflight