January 16, 2023. EPTC Function Hall, Laguindingan — A mix of our Community Develoment Officers a few of our corporate leaders, Customer Welfare Officers, Service Area Managers, EC staff gather today in EPTC Function Hall to strategize for future Institutional projects and MCO events which redounds to how we collectively approach our service and business with our member-consumer-owners.

The fun and innovative capability development workshop is currently rolled out by Dr. Dixon Yasay, a renown inspirational speaker on strategy and policy communication and community organizing where he presented a fun and creativity-stimulating exercises where he involved participants in a dialogue without diluting the message. He mentioned games are a different and entertaining way to make the participants remember major strategic points in a better way than just listening.

One thing is to develop a strategy, implementing it in the entire organization, however, is something else entirely.

Yasay elaborated that โ€œmost strategies are difficult to understand and decode, and they are typically communicated in a very traditional way, through extensive PowerPoint presentations or abstract rhetoric and speeches. But by involving managers and employees and stakeholders in a game based on the specific strategy is an efficient way to communicate strategic points and support strategy rollout and implementation throughout the power industry.

“With the electric coops working relationship with Dr. Yasay and his gained knowledge and experience working with distribution utilities plus his research on the organizationsโ€™ challenges in the fast-changing power industry environment, he approached the use of games and simulations as an essential part of his education and training methodology. Among other things, his use of these tools to communicate with a particular companyโ€™s or clientโ€™s strategy and business model engaged us in a different and entertaining way.

(Archibald Pacana, CPRO, Team wISDom)