After two failed attempts to conduct advocacy engagements in Brgy Tingalan, MORESCO-1 Opol Community Development Officer (CDO) Bonnie Ray S. Actub finally succeeded to reach out to our MCOs in the area on Friday October 9. His request was decline twice due to heightened pandemic health protocols.

He did a courtesy call with Brgy Captain Siarot in the Barangay Hall prior to his quarterly meeting with the MCO Officials.

Agenda of the discussion among others (1) livelihood program through the William Crisp Foundation; (2) HEART FUND – a program providing funeral cash assistance to MCOs; (3) RA7832 – the law penalizing pilferage of electricity and theft of electric power transmission lines and materials by rationalizing system losses by phasing out pilferage losses; (4) RA11361 – physical obstructions that impedes conveyance of electricity from generation, transmission and distribution lines to end users must be cleared to provide uninterrupted delivery of electricity; (5) NIHE potential beneficiaries for household wiring and other matters pertaining to advocacy engagements of MORESCO-1.

In closing CDO Bonnie Ray highlighted the call to a proactive pandemic response, that is to make sure vaccination will be carried out in the barangay and if opportunity comes for them to go to the Opol LGU and there is a vaccination, have themselves vaccinated. Practice social distancing, face masks and hygiene.

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