MORESCO-1 Community Development Officer (CDO) Ritchie A. Veluz on October 7 with MCO President, Kagawad Emma Ebora discussed subject matters important to the member-consumer-owners of Brgy. Molugan.

Included in his folio of information are as follows: (1) Update of the power rate of the electric coop; (2) HEART FUND – a program providing funeral cash assistance to MCOs; (3) RA7832 – the law penalizing pilferage of electricity and theft of electric power transmission lines and materials by rationalizing system losses by phasing out pilferage losses; (4) RA11361 – physical obstructions that impedes conveyance of electricity from generation, transmission and distribution lines to end users must be cleared to provide uninterrupted delivery of electricity; (5) and other matters pertaining to advocacy engagements of MORESCO-1.

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