2021 MORESCO-1 ANNUAL REPORT’s electronic and flippable edition is out. This is posted also in MORESCO-1 Facebook Page.

The 2021 Annual Report contains the messages of national energy and electrification officials, the Board of Directors and the Management Committee of MORESCO-1, the Board President’s Report, the General Manager’s Report, Departmental Reports and Corporate Highlights. Cor to its content are the Resolutions created by the Member-Consumer-Owners of the EC and the Operations’ Financial Statements and Report of Independent Auditors.

The cover design was created and conceptualized by MORESCO-1 Corporate Public Relations Office and utilized design elements from its franchise area’s indigenous communities.

The use of the “Banig” bordering the artist’s render of MORESCO-1’s franchise area is inspired by the interwoven stories of the Filipinos’ hopes, dreams, and sacrifices and the empowering spirit of our more than a hundred thousand member-consumer-owners.

It also urges everyone to look back at the same roots that unite every one of us. Celebrating Filipino perseverance and resilience amidst the pandemic and beyond, MORESCO-1 gives back to the rural and indigenous communities whose art and handicrafts served as a foundation and inspiration of its cultural heritage and creativity. MORESCO-1 raised its banners of ‘service beyond electricity” to help the communities in our franchise area and those that will be included in
the future, not only be energized and empowered, but also for the culture be upheld and preserved.