Misamis Oriental 1 Rural Electric Service Cooperative, Inc. (MORESCO-1) recently organized another round of Fire Drill and Earthquake Building Evacuation Exercises in collaboration with the Bureau of Fire Protection – Laguindingan Fire Station. The exercises aimed to enhance preparedness and response capabilities in the event of emergencies.

Curious about the significance of March being designated as Fire Prevention Month? The tradition dates back to 1967 when President Ferdinand Marcos signed Proclamation No. 115-A, declaring the year 1967 and subsequent years as Safety and Accident Prevention Year. This proclamation allocated specific safety and accident prevention themes to each month of the year. March was selected as Fire Prevention Month due to historical data indicating a heightened occurrence of fire incidents during this period, as reported by the National Statistical Coordination Board.

The proclamation’s objective is to instill a culture of safety consciousness year-round, stressing the importance of preventive measures such as caution, vigilance, sobriety, common sense, and respect for the law. It encourages active participation in fire prevention drills and activities in workplaces, schools, and local communities, recognizing that readiness is always invaluable.

In the event of a fire or other emergencies, immediate action is crucial. Residents are urged to promptly contact the hotline numbers provided by their local authorities.

Furthermore, MORESCO-1 expresses sincere appreciation to all employees for their enthusiastic participation and cooperation during the recent Fire Safety and Guidelines session, which included the Fire Drill and Building Evacuation exercise. Their dedication to safety is commendable and essential in maintaining a secure workplace environment. The cooperative acknowledges the invaluable contribution of its team members and encourages continued efforts in upholding safety standards.

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