MORESCO-1 Membership Requirements

  1. Membership Orientation Seminar
  2. Certificate of Attendance
  3. Location and Inspection Report
  4. Electic Plan (Signed AND Sealed by PEE)
  5. Electrical Permit/Connection Order
  1. Occupancy Permit/Building Permit
  2. Right Of Way
  3. Marriage Contract (Joint Membership)
  4. Any Government Issued ID (SSS/GSIS/PASSPORT/Driver’s Licence) or Cedula – Photocopy
  5. Death Certificate (Photocopy for Change Name of Account Due to Death)
  1. Deed of Sale (Photocopy with Certified True Copy from Original)
  2. Waiver (For Change of Name of Account)
  3. Deed of Joint Undertaking (Tenant, Attached Lease Contract – Photocopy)
  4. Statement of Account/Receipt (Change of Account)
  5. Special Power of Attorney (Representative)
  6. Duly Accomplished Form

Additional Requirements


  1. Certification from Developer


  1. Certification from EMD/Administratior

Hill Top:

  1. Barangay Certification
  2. Certification from Overall President
  3. Certification from Chairman of Association
  4. Affidavit of Undertakings (Issued by Hilltop President