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THE CONFER AND GIVE GRATUITOUSLY unto the GRANTEE, its successors and assigns the right to enter upon said land to place, construct, operate, repair, maintain, relocate and replace thereon an electric transmission or distribution line or system, and any and all necessary appurtenances of land for said transmission or distribution lines; and to cut the trim trees and shrubbery to the extent necessary to keep the clearance of said electric line or system, and to cut down from time to time all dead, weak, leaning or dangerous trees that are tall enough to strike the wire in falling. . .


That, consonant to MORESCO-1 Board Policy No. 6.6, Series of 1982, item number 8 thereof provides, that If the applicant is a mere lessee of the premises to be served, he shall be required to make a deposit to the coop in the amount equivalent to 200% of the estimated monthly bill;

That, the provision of the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers under Chapter 11, Article 6, par 2, further provides: if the said consumers is not the owner of the premises sought to be energized, he shall be required to submit an undertaking from the owner of the premises that the said owner shall be jointly and severally liable with the applicant for any unpaid regular monthly bills incurred by the applicant after leaving the premises, in the absence of or insufficiency of the bill deposit.  . . .


Being energy efficient can make a big difference to the cost of your energy bill. It doesn’t always need a big investment in time or money to make sure you’re wasting less energy and saving more. These are our tips to help you save money on your energy bills:

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Coverage Area

At present, MORESCO-1 services a total of 21 manufacturing firms in its coverage area -- among them Asia Brewery, Inc. (ABI) and Universal Robina Corporation (URC) in El Salvador and Holcim Philippines (cement) in Lugait.

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With the initiation of then Senator Emmanuel Pelaez, whose roots came from Misamis Oriental, Republic Act 2717 came into life in the year 1960 known as the Electrification Administration Act, hence, he was called the Father of the Philippine Rural Electrification and Missionary Electrification Program.

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