To the Top 10 Linemen that were exceptional during the 2015 Linemen Performance Exercise. The Performance Exercise comprised of two events - pole climbing and pole dressing. It was scored according to workmanship, safety, and agility.

MORESCO-1 conducts linemen performance exercise every year to ensure that work quality and safety is not compromised because we care about you and our people. Once again, Congratulations to our 2015 Linemen Top Notchers.


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In realizing the vision of the cooperative and in keeping our commitment to serve you. MORESCO-1 is recognized by NEA with the brightest and biggest award during the recently held 2015 NEA-EC Milestones and Recognition Ceremonies, the MEGA DIAMOND AWARD. NEA had also awarded MORESCO-1 with 6 more awards, namely: (1) +AAA Electric Cooperative Award (2) Best in Lowest System Loss (3) Single Digit System Loss for the Year (4) Best in Collection Performance Award (5) Diamond General Manager for Pedro G. Dumol Award to GM Julie B. Real (6) Special Citation for Regions and Electric Cooperatives with the Highest Number of Sitios Energized for Year 2011 to 2015. Our appreciation to the member-consumers for the continued support and cooperation to MORESCO-1. Once again, Congratulations everyone! Maraming Salamat.  


We, the MORESCO-1 family, would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to PELCO and BENECO for the warm welcome and generous assistance you have given our MORESCO-1 representatives during our benchmarking activity.

Indeed your Coop has given pride to us ECs being one of the strongest links toward development and growth in our respective communities. Indeed we have learned a lot from your Coop in different aspects which would help us grow more.

The exposure to our employees gave an affirmation of the rich culture of the ECs in terms of strength and cooperativism, thus, we thrive despite challenges we face along the way.

We embrace the value of strengthening our relationship towards sustaining the missionary existence Electric Cooperatives in the country.

Thank you so much!


"Because safety and good workmanship is our top priority!"

MORESCO-1 annually conducts a performance exercise for its linemen to ensure that safety and good workmanship is not compromised.

This holds true to the values of the cooperative. The exercise aims to (a) refresh the knowledge and skills on line works; (b) sustain good workmanship performance; (c) strengthen camaraderie between linemen; and (d) promote physical fitness and wellness.

Batch 1 has already completed the course and it's now Batch 2 and 3's turn. Get ready!

Congratulations to the first batch of Linemen for successfully completing the linemen performance exercise 2015.



Being energy efficient can make a big difference to the cost of your energy bill. It doesn’t always need a big investment in time or money to make sure you’re wasting less energy and saving more. These are our tips to help you save money on your energy bills:

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Coverage Area

At present, MORESCO-1 services a total of 21 manufacturing firms in its coverage area -- among them Asia Brewery, Inc. (ABI) and Universal Robina Corporation (URC) in El Salvador and Holcim Philippines (cement) in Lugait.

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With the initiation of then Senator Emmanuel Pelaez, whose roots came from Misamis Oriental, Republic Act 2717 came into life in the year 1960 known as the Electrification Administration Act, hence, he was called the Father of the Philippine Rural Electrification and Missionary Electrification Program.

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