Living up with our pioneering nature, MORESCO -1 will continue to take the lead and light the path that even in the face of highly competitive industry development, we will continue to bear the light of viable missionary electrification, bringing economic development through lighting up the lives of people in the far-flung areas whose non-viability is hindrance to be lighted.We can only do that with a responsive business strategy and a unified direction, abreast with developments and trends, working out strategically, executing our plans conscientiously, that we exist not to be consumed by our own light. We take on the challenge of pioneering a viable electric service, of providing for our own power supply generation capability and ensuring a brighter future for those who trusted in the electric cooperatives’ role in the nation building. Thus, MORESCO – 1 is bracing itself to becoming the world-class power provider of choice. And let us bring this undertaking to the virtual world, interact with us here! See you around! MABUHI ang MORESCO – 1!!

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